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In the context of the sustainable development of the field of law, carrying out the research study from the perspective of interdisciplinary and/or comparative law contributes to the understanding of the legislative process, the legal professions, the existing mechanisms in justice, the jurisprudence in various fields states. Thus, we propose that the studies we will publish over time contribute to the common planetary effort to ensure a climate of safety and freedom around us, in which sense we refer to several objectives contained in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, namely: Object 16 "Peace, Justice and Effective Institutions", Object 4 "Quality Education", Object 3 "Health and Welfare".

Objective: The International Journal of Legal and Social Order (IJLSO) has as its general objective the publication of articles in the field of law aimed at international visibility both through the scientific profile of the authors and through the subject matter that we want to be elaborated on both from the perspective of law and education through the theoretical and/or practical component of preventing and/or combating delinquent acts/crimes.

At the same time, we aim to publish articles in the field of law, pursuing international visibility both through the scientific profile of the authors and through the topics addressed, which we strive to select according to the interest they present to the international scientific community. 

IJLSO appears under the auspices of the SARA Law Research Center through the care of the journal's board members. Please note that there is no charge for attending the registering, publishing, reading or downloading articles.

The International Journal of Legal and Social Order is owned and funded by the SARA Legal Research Center.

DISCLAIMER: The authors of each article appearing in the International Journal of Legal and Social Order are/are solely responsible for its content.

Frequency: 1 issue per year (December of each year)

Journal in English.
There are no fees for publishing or reading the full article.

 No 1/2023 IJLSO will include articles through which the authors will research on topics that can be included in the sections of the journal.

Section: Law

  1. Abstract thinking and concrete experience in (post) modern legal theory;
  2. The administration at the service of citizens;
  3. Generation of legal experts for humanity;
  4. Respect for fundamental rights of the person during judicial proceedings - as an expression of the concept of public security;
  5. Personal safety. The social capital. Legal framework, financial resources and efficient institutional construction;
  6. Cyber education in the context of the information society;
  7. Law in books and law in practice in the context of sustainable development: legal education and law enforcement;
  8. Protection and limitations of fundamental rights in the current legislative context;
  9. Consumer protection through national and european legislation in the field of medicinal products for human use and medical devices.

Section: Social Order

  1. Resilience of national minorities in the context of the war in Ukraine;
  2. Predictive analysis in behavioral psychology - applications in polygraph assessment, personality assessment and antisocial tendencies;
  3. Limiting the phenomenon of poverty and social exclusion - optimizing the quality of life;
  4. The importance of knowledge of technical-scientific methods and means applied in the field of forestry - approach in the context of public safety;
  5. Medical professionals. Security, trust. 

Co-editors for No. 1/2023 IJLSO are:
Professor PhD. Habil. Elena-Ana IANCU, SARA Law Research Center/"Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad, Romania
Associate Professor PhD. Vincenzo CARBONE, UNINT University of the International Studies of Rome, Italy

ISSN 2810 – 4188 (Print)

ISSN 2821 – 4161 (Online)

ISSN-L 2810 – 4188

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