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bullying; cyberbullying; aggressor; victim; prevention;


The phenomenon of bullying in educational institutions represents a threat
to the entire educational endeavor and can manifest itself both physically and
verbally, socially or online. The protagonists of bullying are: the aggressor, the
victim and the observer. The typical profile of the aggressor is that of an irritable
person, with poor self-control, vindictive, rigid, and the typical profile of the
victim is that of a vulnerable, silent, solitary, insecure person, there being the
submissive and defiant victim category. The effective prevention of bullying
actions is possible in a multidisciplinary team effort, and the process must take
place on multiple levels: individual, family, school, class, relational, curricular,
by involving all professional and civil organizations, interest groups and
companies that have a relationship with the school and students, including social
services and organizations dealing with health and crime.


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