• Gheorghe Borșa


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migration, impact, routes, globalization.


This article introduces a new perspective regarrding the social, political, and economic impact of immigration against the backdrop of an increasingly high number of migrants. It also clarifies migration causes and context in terms of state security; its consequences and its influences on society, both in the origin country and at the destination. The current study illustrates state reactions vis-a-vis migration, various ways to manage such reactions, and their impact on the population.

The context of any solutions to the migration crisis presupposes the existence of peaceful attitudes, and yet such a moment is difficult to anticipate in the Islamic world. Therefore, there are no certainties regarding the European population’s state of security in the present context.

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Gheorghe Borșa



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Borșa, G. (2021). INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION. NEWS AND PERSPECTIVES. International Journal of Legal and Social Order, 1(1).