Criminal procedural measures to protect victims of domestic violence


  • Nadia Zlate Prosecutor, National Anticorruption Directorate, Constanța Territorial Service, RO



protection of crime victims; domestic violence; procedural protection measures; administrative protection measures.


Protecting the victims of crimes is an objective of the judicial bodies to avoid the risk of revictimization, thus exercising their obligation to defend the fundamental rights of the person (the right to life, the right to health and physical and mental integrity, the protection of dignity, private life, the right to free expression etc.), as protected by a series of national and international normative acts.

The criminal procedural measures for the protection of victims of the crime of domestic violence can belong to various criminal legal or criminal procedural institutions: general protective measures, regulated in art. 113 of Criminal Procedure Code related to art. 125-130 of Criminal Procedure Code, preventive measures, accessory and complementary punishments and administrative protective measures ordered on the basis of Law 682/2002 on the protection of witnesses.

The development of Romanian legislation to complete the spectrum of available instruments, protective measures imposed by international legislation or inspired by the legislation of other states or from the recommendations presented by international experts, is necessary and would follow the trend on a European scale to harmonize the practices of physical and psychological protection of victims.

Thus, the capacity of the judicial bodies to obtain the willingness of the victims to cooperate with the judicial bodies will be enhanced, the risks of exposure to any danger by participating in the trial being minimized, and they will be encouraged to adopt a sincere, unhindered attitude during the hearings.


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