Some of the traits of the investigator in relation to the Romanian way of being


  • Ionuț-Daniel Dumitrașcu Academy of Police “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Faculty of Police, Police Department; Member of Romanian Forensic Scientists Association



investigator, interviewer, hearing, interview, interrogation, psychological profile


The article aims to address, in a juxtaposed manner, certain personality traits of the international investigator and the personality characteristics extracted from the psychological profile of the Romanian population. The traits exhibited by the judicial body comes from manuals and interrogation techniques from the perspective of accusatory and non-accusatory styles of interviewing individuals within the criminal process. The resulting characteristics are placed alongside the personality traits emerging from the psychological profile of Romanians, with the purpose of drawing some conclusions regarding the alignment between the suggested behaviours of the person involved in the interrogation process and the Romanians way of being.

From the combined analysis of these two aspects, a certain incongruity has emerged between the Romanian way of being and the expectations attributed to the modern investigator.

Author Biography

Ionuț-Daniel Dumitrașcu, Academy of Police “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Faculty of Police, Police Department; Member of Romanian Forensic Scientists Association

Police Commissioner, PhD. student


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Legislative resource:

Law 255/2013 for implementing Law 135/2010 on the New Rules of Criminal Procedure and for amending and supplementing some normative acts that include the criminal procedural provisions (Of. M. no. 515 / 14 august 2013).




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